As I venture forth into the world of tech journalism,  I oftentimes need to take a step back to realise just how amazing a journey I’ve been on. The videos below are but a taste.

I am constantly in awe of the technologies I am being exposed to – and more so the people working on them.

I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to visit research teams and conferences at home and abroad – continually humbled by the learning experience, and awe-struck by the technological mastery of those whom I meet. It has been an amazingly immersive adventure.

What strikes me as an outsider is the willingness for people to engage and share their stories. The passion in the tech community is – to me – unique and unrivaled. The more I explore what it is the community is trying to achieve, the more I’ve begun to recognise a theme.

A brief example (prepare yourself): People say automation and robotics will have a significant impact on employment. Very true. But this raises all sorts of deeper questions – some of which are based in philosophy & psychology – which is perhaps why I am drawn to the area as a whole.

Should a human being doing something that an automated robot can do? Or does that not make the human somewhat… mechanical – robotic? Or does it ultimately come down to whether or not a person enjoys their role? Who is to say? And maybe both sides are right in their own ways – in their own realities. What fascinates me is the accelerated pace at which technological and medical advances are being made. The thing is… we – the human race – are lagging behind on the evolutionary ladder in comparison. Just 100 years ago there was no such thing as a television, and now we have children being born into a world where you can escape this reality for another. But to where?

Starting to see why I like it? I hope so.

Roy Taylor - AMD - VRWC Bristol
AMD’s Corporate VP, Roy Taylor, at the VR World Conference in Bristol (2017)


I’m a fan of diving down the rabbit hole, but I fear Alice is long gone. Instead, if you were to venture down, you might find an AI-fueled, machine-learning, gamer-bot who has replaced the Queen because it has programmed itself to be far more efficient and reliable at head-chopping.

Let me climb back up.

Technology is of course an expression of us, but can it also help enhance us?

I do believe so. But we must take a good long look at ourselves first – the user – as to not become the used. To constantly question our control – at every level.

The technologies that exist today would be unimaginable just a few generations ago, and I look forward to (hopefully) being there first-hand as this amazing technological journey into the unknown continues.