Diesel Particulates and Ireland

In recent years, there has been increased concerns over diesel-particle exposure in Ireland with an estimated  “1,148 deaths in 2011” related to the harmful pollutants [SOURCE]. Recent studies that suggest that there may also be an association between specific neurological diseases (Alzheimer’s) and exposure to tiny magnetic particles that are released during the combustion process. Researchers believe that the potential of … More Diesel Particulates and Ireland

Parking Fines – to appeal or not to appeal?

Many of us know the feeling that accompanies the realization that there’s something tucked neatly underneath your windshield wiper – the rage-eliciting “Parking Fine”. With an average of 75 tickets being issued every day in Cork city – we look to see if we can make sense of the stark rise in tickets being issued over the … More Parking Fines – to appeal or not to appeal?

“The transformation of the G20 will affect the immediate interests of all members and the future of the world economy” – President Xi

Having been declared a “great success” by Chinese president Xi Jinping, the 2016 G20 Hangzhou summit has concluded in China. G20 members collaborated with guest countries and international organisations to announced the Hangzhou Consensus aiming to promote “Vision, Integration Openness and Inclusiveness”.

Kenny welcomes Trump

Donald J. Trump has been elected the 45th US president after a hard fought battle with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The victory saw leading government officials from around the world, welcome Mr. Trump to his first official role in public office. Taoiseach Enda Kenny congratulated the republican nominee and expressed hope for continued bilateral relations. … More Kenny welcomes Trump

Pro Life Campaign hold ‘awareness event’ outside Dáil Éireann.

The Pro-Life Campaign held an awareness event outside the Dáil marking the anniversary of the 1983 Pro-Life Amendment and the launch of an actuarial report on “lives saved by the 8th Amendment”. The explanatory document compares abortion rates in Ireland with that of our closest neighbors (England & Wales) as well as and countries who share similar … More Pro Life Campaign hold ‘awareness event’ outside Dáil Éireann.

Proposed Cork Council Merger gains attention following UCC publication

University College Cork have published the Bovaird Report on Cork Local Government after seeking international advice from an expert on local authority governance. The report, authored by Prof Tony Bovaird at the University of Birmingham examines the proposed changes to the Cork Council, whose conclusions have reinforced opposition to the merging of City and County … More Proposed Cork Council Merger gains attention following UCC publication

Cork – The Capital of Construction

More than €250m in building projects are currently underway in Cork, which is now home to Irelands “smartest building” following a surge of investment in the city centre. One Albert Quay – a €58m office complex that boasts a computer system to monitors comfort levels, solar panel heating, a rainwater harvesting system and ‘smart’ parking … More Cork – The Capital of Construction