Web 2.0 and Journalism: a tool or a curse? An Academic Investigation.

An exploration of Web 2.0, journalism and online news – a perspective based on bipartisan power structures, the ‘team-mentality’ and the psychology of online communities. Introduction Speaking on Capitol Hill following her defeat to Donald J. Trump in the US Presidential election, Hillary Rodham Clinton stated that there has been an “epidemic of malicious fake … More Web 2.0 and Journalism: a tool or a curse? An Academic Investigation.

ReImagineCork – Contribution & Community

After returning from a two week meditation retreat, coming across ‘ReImagineCork’ – a local volunteer organisation focused on making Cork beautiful by restoring laneways, urban green spaces and derelict buildings – seemed a little too in my face to ignore, having spent much of the break away, immersed in nature. The organisation was set up … More ReImagineCork – Contribution & Community

Diesel Particulates and Ireland

In recent years, there has been increased concerns over diesel-particle exposure in Ireland with an estimated  “1,148 deaths in 2011” related to the harmful pollutants [SOURCE]. Recent studies that suggest that there may also be an association between specific neurological diseases (Alzheimer’s) and exposure to tiny magnetic particles that are released during the combustion process. Researchers believe that the potential of … More Diesel Particulates and Ireland

Parking Fines – to appeal or not to appeal?

Many of us know the feeling that accompanies the realization that there’s something tucked neatly underneath your windshield wiper – the rage-eliciting “Parking Fine”. With an average of 75 tickets being issued every day in Cork city – we look to see if we can make sense of the stark rise in tickets being issued over the … More Parking Fines – to appeal or not to appeal?