I’m a Cork-based freelance journalist, photographer & video producer – currently completing a Masters in Journalism & New Media at the Cork Institute of Technology.

To date, I’ve also completed a MA in Applied Psychology at University College Cork – working as an assistant psychologist with Enable Ireland disability services.

Having spent almost a decade immersed in the disability sector and front-line services, I felt compelled to pursue other professional goals of mine – toward a career in a field of which I’ve always had a passionate interest, and one where my training in psychology might serve me well – Media & Communications.

Atop the Dunes Du Pyla – Arcachon, France.

I have a passion for TRAVEL and to EXPERIENCE as much of this world as possible.

Before the DSLR – a sun-damaged disposable (not a time traveler – but early signs of wanderlust).

I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people over the years – who I shall never forget (and hope to meet again) – and I’m always looking for the next excuse to get out and meet more.

Plum Village – “Breathing in, breathing out”.

Professionally‘, I would consider myself confident working in a variety of settings and passionately driven to be involved in areas of technical writing, technology, communications and strategy. My employment to date has provided me with valuable knowledge I feel is applicable in a broad range of settings and transferable to the broader domain of organisation and industry. In recent years, I have become a lot more interest in journalism, videography editing & podcasting – exploring the different mediums people use to connect and convey information.

CIT trip to Lahti, Finland – outside LAMK University – European Creative Futures Programme.

My  interests include: Psychology / Writing /  Digital Media / Reading / Photography / Music / Technology / Video Games / Meditation / Body-boarding / Spearfishing

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