Pro Life Campaign hold ‘awareness event’ outside Dáil Éireann.

The Pro-Life Campaign held an awareness event outside the Dáil marking the anniversary of the 1983 Pro-Life Amendment and the launch of an actuarial report on “lives saved by the 8th Amendment”. The explanatory document compares abortion rates in Ireland with that of our closest neighbors (England & Wales) as well as and countries who share similar cultural and religious values (Spain, Portugal & Belgium).

But beyond the figures and statistical analysis lies a more philosophically-grounded question regarding the fundamental aspect what it is to contemplate of Human life, Human rights, responsibility and free will. Perhaps more important than the issue itself – is our ability and the necessity that goes with that ability – to understand the complexity of the issue – as well as to understand the rationality behind the viewpoint of another. The issue is whether the is a ‘real’ or ‘true’ single-answer to the question – Or whether both are correct.

Cora Sherlock of the Pro Life Campaign commented on today’s launch reinforcing the position that ““There are few laws we can say with certainty save lives. The 8th Amendment is one such law”. The report estimates a figure upwards of 100,000 people who the campaign say “owe their life to this amendment”.

Again, beyond the statistics – lies the conflict of ideologies.

“Abortion campaigners make the extraordinary claim that the 8th Amendment hasn’t saved a single life and has had no effect other than ensure that Irish abortions happened abroad. They want the public to believe in the fiction that the law does not influence our behaviour or that somehow the 8th Amendment is different to every other law ever passed and had no impact. The truth is repeal of the 8th Amendment would inevitably result in more lives being lost. That’s the tragic reality of legalised abortion.”



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