ATSI strike again as Gardaí cancel industrial action.

STRIKE action is set to “jeopardise student education” says General Secretary, after 43 dual-union schools opt out on health and safety grounds.

ATSI members will take to the picket line once more after talks with the government over teacher pay reached a standstill.

The remaining 235 ETB schools staffed by member of the Teachers Union of Ireland will run as normal.

Last week’s standoff saw 500 schools shut down around the country and a real threat of more closures in the coming months.

The news comes after a government deal with the Gardaí over THEIR strike action.

Teachers are demanding a review of the Lansdowne Road Agreement (LRA) to address concerns over pay for newly qualified teachers – leaving student and parents in limbo.

The government has stood by the LRA as it has it the past with other teachers unions and says talks can happen within the signed agreement.

ATSI members disagree.

The Education and Training Boards Ireland says it’s “is most concerned about the effect that a protracted campaign of industrial unrest will have on the morale of all teachers and all students, in all school sectors”

The Government should hope to solve the issue – and fast – before tensions with students and parent reach breaking-point.


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